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This years pilgrimage to the tomb of Blessed Marta Wiecka,  which is the seventh in succession, differs from all previous ones with its taking place during the Year of God’s Mercy.

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Archbishop Petro Malchuk called Blessed Marta Wiecka, DC the Apostle of Unity, whom the faithful of different denominations had addressed in their prayers at the ecumenical prayer meeting in Kiev. He added “Let us be up not in arms, but rather in prayer!”  

Pilgrimage to Marta Wiecka, May 16-17

The sixth pilgrimage to the burial place of Blessed Marta Wiecka took place in Sniatyn, Ivano-Frankivsk region, on May 16-17.  The faithful from all over Ukraine – and not Ukraine alone – request her assistance asking her to “support them in distress, in illnesses and misfortunes”, just like she used to do in her lifetime.

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Vincentian Pilgrimage to grave of Daughter of Charity

Over 500 pilgrims travelled  from different corners of Ukraine to the grave of Blessed Sister Marta Wiecka, DC. The 5th pilgrimage of the Vincentian Family to Sniatyn,  took place on May 10-11, 2014 marking the five years since she was beatified.

Beatification of Sr. Marta Wiecka

Beatification of Sr. Marta Wiecka

Marta Anna Wiecka – report on beatification by Elzbieta Krawczyk, translation by Maria Kantor The beatification of Sr. Marta Wiecka is a great gift of Divine Providence for our Church. Till the 1990s we enjoyed the intercession of Blessed Msgr Jakub Strzemie. After 1991 and the fall of communism our Church was spiritually growing, which was […]